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Holding Hands


To unite, develop, and equip women to become disciples, nurturers, and supporters of each other.  Building self esteem and confidence, SOS members will become women who will model the truths of Gods Word to others, impacting our families and communities with the love, grace, and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Pastor Carlotta Hairston serves as co-pastor with her husband of forty years, Bishop Clyde C. Hairston, Senior Pastor and Overseer of Miracle Temple Fellowship Church, Inc. in Lancaster, Texas. Her duties at Miracle Temple include, but are not limited to, supervisor of women, teacher, preacher and church administrator.   Through her compassion for hurting women, she birthed the ministry of SOS, Sisters of Solidarity, an interdenominational ministry, which focuses on the healing, and spiritual growth and development of women.  For the past twenty years, she has coordinated and facilitated an annual womens conference that has transformed the lives of many women and men, both young and old. Through her ministry of intercessory prayer, preaching, teaching and prophecy, souls have been saved, reclaimed, the sick have been healed and those in bondage set free. She has developed and teaches an seven week discipleship class, Inspiring and Equipping Women for Ministry, and a eight week Next Level Ministry Class, where the group members are taught who they are in Christ, how to develop their spiritual gifts and leadership ability, and how to disciple others to Christ. Pastor Carlotta is a licensed evangelist of over twenty years, and was ordained as pastor in March of 2004.   She evangelizes at conferences, workshops, seminars and various ministry services. She is a councilor, and encourager to those in need, and boldly teaches them their significance as members of the body of Christ. Her life is totally surrendered to Christ and it is her purpose and passion in life to see those hurting healed, and set free from the bondage of sin.  She declares, "My Living Shall Not Be In Vain."

Carlotta Hairston


SOS is an interdenominational womens ministry, founded in 1989 under the leadership of Carlotta M. Hairston. Membership is open to all interested women with a desire to mature in their faith and godly relations. The ministry began as the womens department of Miracle Temple Fellowship Church, and is currently under the incorporation of Miracle Temple Fellowship Church, Inc., where the Sr. Pastor and Overseer is Apostle Clyde C. Hairston.  


SOS is a ministry dedicated to the healing and development of women through the study of Gods Word and leading of His Spirit. Members will pursue a true and lasting faith, supporting and encouraging each other when needed.  Two are better then one, if one falls down, the other can pick them up. Eccl.4: 9-12. Through monthly bible studies, intercessory prayer meetings, discipleship classes, workshops, seminars and conferences, we will provide a forum for women to come together for spiritual growth, inspiration, restoration, support, and guidance.


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